About Us

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JAFFRI Education Trust recognizes a wide range of achievements every year, which covers various aspects of educational fields including Doctors, Engineers, CA, Teachers and much more, for they have travelled extra miles and presented themselves as inspirational role models who is passionate about making their community a better place.

We are always accompanied by our religious teachers (Ulema) who maintains balance between Islamic teachings and educational touch up inspiring our young generations, helping them to understand better and true meaning of being a Muslim and a follower of Ahle-bait (a.s) whilst facing all the prevailing challenges.

We also present token of appreciations by awarding our upcoming talents i.e. Top scorers of SSC, HSC, Graduates and Post-Graduates. These award recognizes a group who has achieved significant success at a relatively young age and excelled in their chosen field and has demonstrated tenacity through dedication and drive.

Alhamdulillah, Jaffri Education Trust has felicitated thousands of students for their education achievements in past 10 years and will continue to do so InshaAllah.